Catherine Pham

Prior to being introduced to The Dynasty, Catherine was studying health sciences at SFU and working 2 jobs in the hospitality field. She really thought she was doing well for herself but she quickly realized that none of her time was really hers. In the long run, Catherine knew that physically and mentally she would not be able to keep up what she was doing. Thankfully, The Dynasty showed Catherine that there is another way, and that she can have time and money. She saw tremendous value in the successful leadership, the advanced training they provided, how many people they’ve helped, and just how much fun everyone was having while accomplishing their goals. With the help of her mentors and the proven Dynasty system, Catherine was able to achieve the position of Team Coordination within a short amount of time around her schedule. She continues her journey with The Dynasty as her goals is to retire her dad. Ms. Pham is grateful for the selfless individuals who empower and inspire her, the information and education she’s been able to receive from her mentors, and the opportunity to travel more. Catherine is excited and determined to help others achieve success with The Dynasty.