Chris Gowing

Before Chris Gowing went to post secondary, he had always wanted to be a business owner starting multiple businesses in the past. Growing up watching his parents build the third largest swimwear retail company in Canada, he knew he wanted to be involved in some form. Chris started working in the warehouse and after 5 years of working a variety of roles in the company, he found himself as the head of Marketing and Advertising for swimwear etc. Working 60-80 hours a week and traveling across Western Canada to help build out new stores was a regular occurrence. On top of the busy work schedule he was also plays soccer 2-3 times a week and enjoys spending weekends at the lake. After six and half years of working in the family business, Chris was always open to other opportunities and that’s when he was introduced to The Dynasty. Although making a great income and having a successful career path, he knew he wanted more time freedom to spend with friend, family and especially his twin boys. Once he saw the information he immediately gets started realizing he could do it around his busy schedule. Within first 30 days he was able to make six times his investment. After nine months Chris was able to help enough people achieve executive positions, which promoted him to one of the top positions in record time. After one year and four months he was able to step back from the family business and run with The Dynasty. His business now spreads across Canada, USA, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Chris’s mission is to empower tens of thousands of entrepreneurs around the world to follow through on their drams of having freedom, His involvement with The Dynasty has helped him create a strong partnership with Ronal McDonald House of Northern Alberta for the past four and half years. His term was one of the first companies to start the “Meals that Mend” program. “When growing a business you always give to the community that helped built it.” This is only the beginning of success stories that will be created from his impact in the business world.