Dr. Patrick and Susan Javidan

Dr. Patrick Javidan opened his private practice seventeen years ago with his wife, Mrs. Susan Javidan, who graduated with master’s degree in Physical Therapy. They ventured into entrepreneurship immediately after completing their professional degrees and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a successful practice and ultimately an abundant life for their future family. After building up their medical practice to multiple five figures monthly in earnings, they started their family and Susan had the freedom to become a stay at home mom and raise their two beautiful children, Lucas  and Jules. Along that path Susan was introduced to The Dynasty and started the greatest journey of her life. Seven years ago Susan’s day consisted of going to the park, play dates and Baby Einstein videos. Dr. Javidan was working morning ‘till night, 6 days a week, and sometimes-working 15 hours a day. He quickly realized that the business owned him and that he had to do the business owned him and that he had to do something different if he wanted to be present in his childrens’ lives and be the husband he wanted to be. Susan started plugging into The Dynasty system and learned the keys to success to building their home-based business while Dr. Javidan maintained their traditional business. Today Susan has shared her story with thousands of people and has worked with hundreds of people in building their dreams and reading their goals for themselves and their families. Dr. Javidan now runs his practice about fifteen to twenty hours a week and they enjoy time together and with their children and their Dynasty family. Their goal today is to create a life of unlimited choices, experiences and growth for their children and inspire others to be, do and have the same.