Lola Whiterspoon

Lola Witherspoon is a Team Coordinator. She is originally from Long Island, NY but now lives in San Diego, CA. She realized at a young age that the most successful people around her were not trading time for money but they were creating and building their own companies. As a loan officer, she realized no matter how much she worked, she was always going to have to give that effort or greater just to maintain her quality of living. It dawned on her that she might have a solution to her problem and that was to become a broker and open her own company. It was a wonderful experience but it was not was she expected. She was working 12 hours or more a day in a place with no structure. She was highly frustrated and prayed to God for answers. Within a month and a half, her prayer was answer when she received a call from a friend of a friend stating, “Are you open to making extra money outside of what you are doing?” She immediate said yes and heard the words that changed her life “When they hear ring ring, we hear cha ching,” and she knew she was home. The ability to create residual income was the answer to her prayers. She has a huge vision on her heart and doesn’t want just want to live in the world, she wants to change it