Luke & Nancy Billingsley

Prior to becoming a part of The Dynasty, Luke and Nancy Billingsley were full time have been active duty in the United States Marine Corps and have been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan.   Mr. Billingsley served as a Marine Drill Instructor and achieved multiple levels of success in his full time career. In April of 2013, after a deployment to Afghanistan, Mr. Billingsley was introduced to The Dynasty. While juggling work schedules, marriage, children, and the demanding duties and restrictions of the military, he and his wife achieved the position of Team Coordinator within14 months of getting started in the company. The philosophies learned though The Dynasty enabled them to develop and maintain a lifestyle that most traditional jobs do not offer. The idea of being busy and not having the ability to spend time with their family encouraged them to make the necessary adjustments needed in order to take their business to a higher level of success.