Ricardo Cunningham

Mr. Ricardo Cunningham immigrated from a small island of the Caribbean called Jamaica to Canada looking for more opportunity to become more for his family. Filled with desire and hunger he landed a job in the financialservices industry working for one of Canada’s largest banks, but after a yearof working there he felt deep inside that he deserved more and decided to venture out as an entrepreneur within the same field. After 4 years as an entrepreneur in the financial services industry and achieving a fare amount of success, feeling stuck and time broke he soon realized his priorities much clearer which were to have more time back into his life and spend more time with his family. Dreaming of a new lifestyle and new meaning to life, he was soon introduced by a very close friend to the telecom and energy deregulation sector. This appealed to Mr. Cunningham as it was proven to be a vehicle that could provide the lifestyle he was looking for through a concept called Residual Income. Along his journey, he had to overcome many challenged and embraced new thinking thought constant self-improvement and great leaders and mentors. Through this system, Mr. Cunningham was able to rise to a prestigious position within the company that allowed him to leave his business of 4 years and focus on his newfound love that provided him and his family time freedom and all within 12 short months. 5 years later, Mr. Cunningham leads a large organization that consists of hundreds of business partners and thousands of customers but more importantly has renewed commitment and vision for much greater things to come the future of The Dynasty.