Theron Eikre

Prior to The Dynasty, Theron Eikre was in the retail industry, part-time college student, and teaching dance lessons. Theron was a very busy person but always knew there was so much more to life. His close friend and dance mentor introduced him to The Dynasty at the age of 20. He knew right away that this was the opportunity had been looking for in order to achieve his dreams of financial freedom, traveling, retiring parents, helping charities, and living the ultimate lifestyle. Although Theron had no background in business, he found it very simple to follow the proven system and learn the ropes of the industry. With a strong desire, coachability, and willingness to learn, Theron was able to achieve the position of Team Coordinator within 2 years. He understood that The Dynasty organization had his back and really cared for his future, which he knew, was the main ingredient for long-tem success. Theron was able to build a large organization with tons of customers and continues to lead and grow his empire in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. He had massive goals of creating 6 and 7 figure earnings, helping people retire early, putting parents back home with their children, helping end world hunger, and teaching people how to win the lifestyles of their dreams. Theron continues to remain a student of the industry, coachable to his mentors, and hungry to accomplish his goals. One advice that Theron lives by is “Find someone that has what you want, and just do what they do! Stay focused, stay organized, stay grateful, and never get distracted.”